What Is CoolSculpting® Elite?

Getting that perfect figure can sometimes be quite challenging. You may be near your ideal weight, but your stubborn belly fat might refuse to go away no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, it may be because of an incorrect diet or exercise routine. Other times, it may be a metabolism problem. For instance, hormonal imbalances can lead to accumulations of subcutaneous fat, making it difficult for you to burn it off. 

Cosmetic medicine brought us an alternative: when you can’t burn the fat, you can freeze it. Enter CoolSculpting® Elite, the successor of CoolSculpting® that can freeze stubborn body fat and eliminate it. In this blog, you will find out more about CoolSculpting® Elite, how it is used, and what benefits you may enjoy from the procedure.

What Does CoolSculpting® Elite Do?

CoolSculpting® Elite is a non-invasive way to give your body a better contour, without relying on surgery, needles, or anesthesia. As a result, there is little to no potential for downtime. The procedure relies on cryolipolysis technology, which freezes the fat cells in your body. 

As the applicator is passed over the target area, it will break down the fatty tissue using cold technology. Your body will then process that excess fat, gradually flushing it out through your lymphatic system. The procedure only targets the fat cells, which means that your skin won’t be damaged.

Candidates for CoolSculpting® Elite

CoolSculpting® Elite is great for women and men who are trying to get rid of stubborn body fat. So, you may be a good CoolSculpting® Elite candidate if you struggle with excess fat in the following areas:

  • Flaps (love handles)
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Back
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Beneath your buttocks

One thing to keep in mind is that CoolSculpting® Elite is not a weight loss procedure. It is merely a way for you to touch up on areas that are not responding to diets and exercise. As it may remove up to 25 percent of the fat in the treated area, this procedure is mostly recommended for mild improvements. Dr. Moore recommends you get close to your ideal weight before you consider using this treatment.

Benefits of CoolSculpting® Elite

Here are some of the benefits you may enjoy with CoolSculpting® Elite:

  • Two Applicators

While CoolSculpting® and other similar procedures use only one applicator that targets a single area, CoolSculpting® Elite uses two applicators. This allows you to target two areas simultaneously, reducing the time you have to spend in the office. Also, you can get better effects and faster results by using the two applicators.

  • Continuous Results

CoolSculpting® Elite offers gradual results, taking from weeks to months for you to see the final effects. This can make your transformation look more natural as your body adjusts to the fat removal process.

  • Controlled Fat Removal

CoolSculpting® Elite delivers cold technology with the applicator in the target area, reducing up to 25 percent of the fat. This is more than enough for most people to contour their bodies and obtain an attractive shape.

  • Increased Comfort

CoolSculpting® Elite brings more comfort thanks to its C-shaped applicator. This helps cup your target area much easier. The easy maneuvering makes the process faster and more comfortable.

CoolSculpting® Elite for a Beautiful Silhouette

CoolSculpting® Elite is a great procedure for you to use if you struggle with unwanted, stubborn fat areas. Whether you are bothered by your chin fat, your love handles, or other areas that are bulging, CoolSculpting® Elite can help you achieve your desired shape. Call SoCal Cool Body now and set up an appointment for CoolSculpting® Elite!


For more information about CoolSculpting® Elite, you can contact SoCal Cool Body at 951-397-0530 (Murrieta) or 760-298-8078 (Palm Desert). Dr. Patrick Moore is an expert in the field and will gladly help you out. You can also fill out the provided online contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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