CoolSculpting® Elite: What’s Next?

So, you’ve undergone your CoolSculpting® Elite treatment; now what?! As the frozen, dead fat cells are naturally working their way out of your body, and your waist, arms, legs, or other treatment areas are becoming more trim, it’s time to think about what happens next. Let’s explore the important post-treatment lifestyle changes that can help to prolong your CoolSculpting® Elite results to keep you looking and feeling great with your new body contour!

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Hydration is important in all aspects of life, but it is especially important when you’re trying to be healthier and protect your body after a treatment. Hydrating can help flush out toxins in your body that may be hanging around after your CoolSculpting® Elite treatment. Water, and other hydrating liquids, refreshes your body from the inside out. Your skin will appear brighter and more radiant, your skin will look and feel smoother, and you will just feel healthier and happier overall!

Eat Healthier!

Just because the fat in the treatment area is gone for good doesn’t mean that the other surrounding fat is also gone. While CoolSculpting® Elite is used to remove stubborn pockets of fat, it is not a weight-loss procedure. Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial after your CoolSculpting® Elite treatment so that you can enjoy your results longer. CoolSculpting® Elite does have long-lasting results, but you must also do your part in keeping yourself healthy and eating right. Some of the best foods to eat are:

  • ​​Lean proteins
  • Healthy fats
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains


CoolSculpting® Elite has given you the body of your dreams; now, let’s keep it that way! Committing to exercise in any capacity is a win in itself, but if you exercise regularly, even just brisk walking daily, then you can maintain your results. Depending on the area that was treated, any type of arm, abdomen, booty, or leg exercise will complement your new body contour. Schedule it in your day; 20 or 30 minutes is all it takes!

Remember that hydrating, eating right, and exercising are three of the most important aspects of sustaining a successful body after your CoolSculpting® Elite treatment. Do it right, and enjoy those results!

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