Chemical Peels

If your skin is looking dull, feeling rough in texture, and is just not as vibrant as it used to be, then a chemical peel may be the solution for you. All of these skin imperfections can cause both men and women to feel self-conscious about their appearance, but with a little love and self-care, you can experience the vibrant luminosity that you have been dreaming of! 


At SoCal Cool Body, we offer the SkinMedica® line of professional peels. Each of these peels is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore vibrancy to your facial skin. 



It is important to understand that all peels must be administered by a licensed medical professional (a physician, aesthetician, or a nurse under a physician’s supervision). This is to ensure that the chemical peels are performed safely and properly. 



Patrick Moore MD, FACS

Patrick Moore, MD, FACS started his premedical education at the University of Notre Dame, graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry. In 1990, he received his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia. He completed a 5 year residency in General Surgery.

Dr. Moore currently resides in Temecula, CA. Here, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, Lauren and their 3 children. When Dr. Moore has free time, he is guaranteed to be spending time with his family. Together, they like to adventure outdoors, layout by the pool and go to the movies.