What Should You Expect After Your Chemical Peel?

As we age, the natural luminescence of our skin begins to fade. When this happens, our once-healthy skin can start to look old, dull, and worn out—not to mention wrinkles and fine lines begin to form on our facial skin. While these skin imperfections can cause you to feel self-
conscious and upset, the truth is that there are ways to help rejuvenate your skin so that you can once again feel proud and confident with the way you look, no matter your age. And one of the most trusted and effective ways to bring your skin back to life is with a chemical peel.


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At SoCal Cool Body, we are proud to offer three different chemical peel options to help restore your skin to its former health and beauty. Whether you suffer from mild skin frustrations, or moderate or even severe skin blemishes and wrinkles, our chemical peels can help you not only look better but feel more comfortable and confident, as well. However, one of the most common concerns for men and women who undergo chemical peels is what their recovery will be like. To help ease your mind, below, you will find some answers about what to expect after your chemical peel.


What Exactly Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment in which a chemical solution is used to remove the top layer of your skin (along with all the dirt and grime that has accumulated there). Newer and healthier skin then replaces the removed layer, which results in a smoother, more youthful appearance and feel.

At SoCal Cool Body, we offer the Illuminize Peel®, which is intended for patients who are suffering from mild skin blemishes; the Vitalize Peel®, which is geared for men and women who struggle with mild to moderate skin imperfections (including acne scars and pigmentation issues); and the Rejuvenize Peel™, which is used to help men and women with moderate to severe skin blemishes, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Your chemical peel treatment generally takes between one and two hours to complete, and while you may see some visible improvement to your facial skin after only one treatment session, most patients require three to six sessions to achieve optimal results. At your chemical peel consultation, one of our knowledgeable and trained skin professionals will examine your skin to determine which peel is best for you along with how many treatment sessions you will need.

What Happens After Your Chemical Peel?

The treatment itself is only half the battle (so to speak). Immediately after your treatment, you will likely feel some discomfort and irritation. Additionally, you can expect to have some redness and swelling in the treated areas. These side effects should dissipate within one or two weeks, though redness in the skin may last longer.

Depending on the type of peel you had performed, your recovery can take up to 14 days. During this time, the old skin on your face will be replaced with new, healthier skin. You may see some white-colored patches on your treated skin the day after your treatment. This is called frosting and is completely normal. During days three to five after your treatment, you can expect the “peeling” portion of the chemical peel procedure to occur. At this time, your old skin will begin to crack and then flake away. During this stage, it is important to refrain from picking or pulling on the peeling skin—allow it to fall off on its own. After day five, most of your old skin will be gone, and your stronger, new skin will be settling in place, allowing you to enjoy your smooth and beautiful appearance.

Why Should You Trust SoCal Cool Body With Your Chemical Peel?

While chemical peels are common treatments that are offered by many skincare professionals, you want to make sure that you are trusting the rejuvenation of your facial skin to cosmetic specialists who are not only skilled and trained in the treatment but are also dedicated to their
patients. At SoCal Cool Body, we dedicate ourselves to helping our patients achieve the look and feel they desire. After your chemical peel, you will be able to smile at your reflection in the mirror and walk around in public with the confidence that you look as good as you feel.

For more information about chemical peels, please contact our office by calling our Murrieta location at 951-397-0530 or you may contact us online!

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