Enhance Your Beauty With LATISSE®

Thick, long lashes are usually the envy of every woman. Now, let that be you! At SoCal Cool Body, we offer LATISSE® eyelash serum to enhance your lashes so that your eyes can stand out more. This treatment is natural, meaning no falsies, no glue, and no scheduling appointments to go get your lashes done for a big event. With LATISSE®, you can feel confident knowing that your lashes are growing because of the serum you apply daily. Are you ready for thicker, darker, fuller lashes?


Woman with lash extensions on one eye


How Does LATISSE® Work?

LATISSE® is an FDA-approved topical serum that is applied to the upper lash line to promote growth. It was originally used as a medication, called Lumigan, to treat glaucoma, but medical professionals noticed the effect it had on the lashes as it created longer, fuller, thicker lashes. LATISSE® is a prescription medication that can only be given by a healthcare provider; however, once you are given the prescription, you will be able to apply the serum at home by yourself to achieve your desired lash length and fullness.

LATISSE® should be used once per day, and it is to be applied along the upper lash line. It is recommended that the serum be used at night time to allow for full absorption. The serum can be put on during the day, if necessary, though waiting 20 minutes before applying lotion or makeup is suggested.

Potential Side Effects

As with any type of medical treatment or service, there are possible side effects that you could potentially experience. These side effects include:

    • Redness, itching, or irritation around the eyes
    • Dry eye
    • Darkened eyelids
    • Pigmentation changes in the iris

What Can I Expect?

Applying LATISSE® every day for two months straight will yield the most noticeable results. After this, maintenance applications can be continued daily or every few days to ensure your lashes look thick and full. LATISSE® is not a permanent solution, meaning if you stop applications, then over time, your lashes will go back to the state they were in before starting this prescription medication.

LATISSE® is a perfect solution for enhancing your beauty naturally. It gives the eyes a pop that may be missing, and everyone will be asking what you’ve done differently to achieve your long lashes. This subtle, yet effective treatment is perfect for low-maintenance aesthetic enhancements that can be continued for years.

For more information about LATISSE®, please contact our office by calling our Murrieta location at
951-397-0530 or you may contact us online!

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