Part 1: Holiday Card Transformation – How to Look Your Best in Photos

With the holidays coming closer, you have many things to look forward to. You can expect lots of family time, cozying up in front of the fireplace, singing carols, and many exciting activities. What you don’t usually look forward to is taking that holiday card photo, which always seems to go wrong in some way. 

To make sure it’s not ruined by an acne breakout or a wrinkle caught in the light, you might want to consider undergoing some treatments beforehand. There are plenty of procedures that can make you look your finest. In this blog, we will talk about chemical peels and LATISSE®, along with their efficiency in making you look picture-perfect.

How Chemical Peels Can Help You?

Skin imperfections can make you feel very self-conscious on picture day, causing you to cake your face with foundation and other makeup products. Instead of artificially trying to cover your imperfections, a better way is to just take the “offending” layer off your face. No, you don’t have to be a reptile to do that – all it takes is a chemical peel at the right moment.

Chemical peels use substances such as glycolic or salicylic acids to cause a reaction in your skin, triggering the peeling process. Over the next few days, the old skin will shed off, allowing the new skin to come to the surface. This can help you with different conditions, including:

1. Acne Scars

Acne scars represent a side effect of acne breakouts, which take the form of dark spots on your skin. These are usually formed from excess melanin in your skin along with improper collagen production. Chemical peels will not only remove the unevenly pigmented top layer but also start its healing process enough to fill out the scars.

2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Are the wrinkles in your holiday cards a constant reminder that you are getting old? In that case, you can use chemical peels to turn back the clock on your face. As the top layer of your skin is removed, the body will go into healing mode, starting new collagen production. This can help fill out wrinkles and fine lines over time, resulting in smoother and more even skin.

3. Hyperpigmentation

Do you have sun spots on your skin? Perhaps you’ve also noticed age spots or other types of pigmentation on your skin. Indeed, certain skin disorders may require special care when applying chemical peels, which is why Dr. Moore recommends a consultation first. However, for most patients, dark pigmentation spots can be reduced with a chemical peel.

Top It Up With LATISSE® 

With your skin now in order, it is time to move on to the lashes. Many individuals feel very self-conscious about the way their eyes look in photos, which is why they end up wearing false lashes. That being said, falsies can lead to different ocular disorders, mainly due to the glue that is used. For just a holiday card, the risk is usually not worth it.

There is a much simpler way to do that, and that is LATISSE®. Based on bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, this product was originally meant to treat certain eye conditions. However, upon regular use, a convenient side effect was also noticed: the product also helps your lashes grow. Overall, LATISSE® can bring the following benefits: 

  • Longer eyelashes in case of stunted growth
  • Activation of lash follicles, causing new lash growth
  • Darkening of the eyelashes

LATISSE® works best when it is applied on a clean base, so make sure to remove all of your makeup. You can apply mascara and other products afterward, but only once the LATISSE® dries. Within 15 weeks or so, you should be able to reach your maximum potential.

Choose Chemical Peels and LATISSE® for a Full Transformation

Your holiday card no longer has to be something you shove at the back of a drawer. Once you get our treatments, your photos will be display-worthy in your home. Call SoCal Cool Body and set up an appointment for the best beauty treatments!


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