SoCal Cool Body’s New CoolSculpting® Elite Package Pricing!

Reaching the perfect body has always seemed like a never-ending journey. You try different diets and exercise routines, but the stubborn fat continues to hold on without any intentions of budging. This can include any area from your chin to your belly and the sides of your hips. While this is normal for every person, it doesn’t mean you must make peace with it. 

Enter CoolSculpting® Elite, the procedure that uses cool technology so you can shed off stubborn fat. One cycle of CoolSculpting® Elite can efficiently reduce fat cells from one specific body area, but we all know the best things come in packages. For those women and men who want better results at a lower price, SoCal Cool Body came up with a new CoolSculpting® Elite package pricing.

What Is CoolSculpting® Elite?

CoolSculpting® Elite is a procedure that uses non-invasive methods to reduce excess body fat. The treatment takes the pinchable fat in stubborn areas of the body, isolates it, and then uses cryolipolysis freezing technology to damage it permanently. Overall, it requires little to no downtime, meaning most clients can return to their daily routine right after getting the treatment.

Since fat is more sensitive to cold temperatures than muscle or skin, the surrounding tissue remains safe while the stubborn fat is destroyed. At most, you might notice some redness and soreness (which is typical with cold temperatures), but these side effects should fade within a few hours. 

Once the fat cells are damaged beyond repair, the lymphatic system will continue the process and start flushing them out. Over the next two to three months, the damaged fat will exit your body permanently, with no chance of returning. With a good diet and some maintenance treatments now and again, patients see significant improvement in the treated area.

Where Can You Use CoolSculpting® Elite?

CoolSculpting® Elite works on multiple areas of the body, as long as you have stubborn fat on them. However, patients should remember that CoolSculpting® Elite is a body contouring procedure, not a weight loss one. While it can give a better shape to the area where you have pinchable fat, it often does not cause the number to drop on the scale.

CoolSculpting® Elite has two applicators that can be used simultaneously in the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Inner thighs
  • Double chin
  • Outer thighs
  • Back
  • Hips 
  • Upper knee

Depending on how much stubborn fat you have, you might need more than one CoolSculpting® Elite cycle. The best results are obtained when used on smaller, pinchable fat pockets, mainly because they are easily suctioned into the CoolSculpting® applicators. For the most part, this treatment is recommended for those near their ideal weight but who want to address some areas that are not responding to their efforts.

Take Advantage of SoCal Cool Body’s Special Package Pricing!

Good things come in a package and for a good deal. So, checking our monthly specials is always a good idea as they offer great results at attractive prices. For example, at SoCal Cool Body, you can get 25 percent off your next CoolSculpting® treatment.

Those who wish to target more body areas or leave space for maintenance might want to try the CoolSculpting® package that SoCal Cool Body offers. This one combines multiple treatments, offering the full body-sculpting experience. Depending on the number of sessions you opt for, you can get up to 50 percent off!

Work on Your Summer Body With SoCal Cool Body!

CoolSculpting® Elite can be a very effective option for reducing unwanted fat areas, giving you a smoother contour. You just need to catch the right deal to enjoy the procedure! Contact SoCal Cool Body and schedule an appointment for a CoolSculpting® Elite treatment!


For more information about CoolSculpting® Elite, you can contact SoCal Cool Body at (951) 397-0530. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. As an alternative, you can fill out the provided online contact form, and we will get in touch with you to make an appointment!

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