Still Have Stubborn Fat After GLP1? We Have the Solution!

Weight loss can be a difficult journey for many people, especially when they are on the border of obesity. Considering that two out of five adults are obese, various treatments are often employed to reduce fat and help bring down the scale. One is the GLP1 treatment, which regulates your appetite and suppresses your cravings.

With that said, while GLP1 medical treatments can help you lose fat, the end of the journey can potentially leave stubborn fat patches in its wake. Left alone, they can significantly affect your results, causing you to feel disheartened. In this blog, you will find out why stubborn fat happens after this treatment and what you can do to eliminate it.

How Can GLP1 Help You Lose Fat?

GLP1 can help you lose fat by suppressing your hunger and controlling your cravings. The treatment mimics a hormone called glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP1), which stimulates your pancreas to produce more insulin. This happens naturally after you eat, giving you that sensation of fullness and preventing you from eating more than you should.

Aside from your blood sugar control, GLP-1 also helps reduce fat by slowing the food movement in your stomach. This can help you feel full for longer, preventing you from snacking as much and reducing your calorie intake. This process enables you to lose fat as your body will go into its “natural deposits” to burn them. 

One main negative with GLP1 is that, while it does help you lose fat, it doesn’t target specific areas of the body. Fat is lost from all over the body, whether you like it or not. For instance, breasts are the first area where women lose weight, leading to a smaller cup size, while the stomach remains stubbornly round. Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose which parts of the body will see the most weight loss. 

This is why it is recommended that during GLP1 treatments, exercise should be employed to target specific areas. This can help firm and tone your body, reducing stubborn fat by targeting specific muscles.

How to Reduce Stubborn Fat

There are several ways for you to reduce stubborn fat if you are determined enough. Here are some of your options:

1. Follow a Healthy Diet

Often, stubborn fat occurs after GLP1 treatments simply because you are following an unhealthy diet. For example, foods with added sugar, refined carbs, or saturated fats can lead to pockets of unwanted fat, especially in the belly area. Try to avoid processed food as much as possible and do your best to choose a healthier, well-balanced diet.

2. Exercise Regularly

For your GLP1 treatment to be gradual and successful, you may want to consider exercising to target stubborn fat. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) types of exercises are great, but you can also try some at-home pilates to target the muscles. This should be done during the treatment, but it’s still not too late to try it, even if you are at the end of your journey.

3. Try Body Sculpting

If push comes to shove and lifestyle changes are not enough to eliminate certain pockets of fat, then you can consider coming to SoCal Cool Body for body sculpting treatments. Among these procedures, CoolSculpting® Elite is the most popular option, offering a low-impact, pain-free method to reduce fat in specific areas.

CoolSculpting® Elite uses cryolipolysis to freeze subcutaneous fat, damaging or destroying it entirely. Your body will then naturally remove those cells through your lymphatic system, giving you a more refined contour. The two applicators can be used in nine different areas of the body, making them the perfect option for targeting stubborn fat. 

Lose Weight in All the Right Places!

Every weight loss journey has its ups and downs, and stubborn fat can make you feel unsatisfied with your results. Figuring out the best way to address it is the first step. Contact SoCal Cool Body and schedule a consultation for CoolSculpting® Elite!


For more information about stubborn fat that often occurs after GLP1, please contact SoCal Cool Body at 951-397-0530 or 760-298-8078. We have offices in Murrieta and Palm Desert, respectively, where we can answer your questions. You can also fill out our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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